College Scholarships

George Mason / Bessie Parker Memorial Scholarship

The George Mason Scholarship
For thirty-one years, George Mason, an extraordinary Christian, was Sexton, Gardner, Caretaker, Counselor and Helper at Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church. In everything George did, he encouraged everyone “to live a Christian life and to get an education”. At his memorial service on January 15, 1983, ministers and laity gave witness to the loving life of George by establishing the George Mason Memorial Fund. The first scholarship for higher education was awarded in 1986.
The Bessie B. Parker Scholarship Fund
The Reverend Bessie Bellamy Parker was a Pastor in the SC Annual Conference from 1950 until the time of her death. In her retirement years, she was Minister of Visitation from 1978 to 1984. It was during this time that she was founder and counselor of The Lyttleton Street UMC Activity Club.In 2000, these scholarships were combined and renamed as the “George Mason/Bessie Parker Memorial Scholarship” in order to help more Lyttleton Street UMC youth attend college.
Scholarship Guidelines:   A committee of Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church selects scholarship recipients. The committee will consist of the Church Council Chair, the Treasurer, the Staff/Parish Chair, the Trustee Chair, the Director of Youth and Children, the Director of Music, the Pastors, and the Business Manager.
  1. The scholarships will be awarded in the “spirit of George Mason and Bessie B. Parker.”
  2. The scholarship will be awarded to a member of Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church entering the first year of higher education and not afforded to full scholarship recipients.
  3. The award is non-renewable.
  4. Awards will be based upon participation in Lyttleton Street UMC’s ministries and other community service (up to 75% ) and personal essay (up to 25%).
  5. Each scholarship will be awarded in the minimum amount of $1,000.00 and made payable directly to the academic institution for tuition and books.
  6. The number of scholarships awarded annually may vary but the total dollar value shall not exceed the interest earned on the principle and current year donations.
  7. Changes to the Scholarship Guidelines must be approved by the Church Council.
  8. Applications will be submitted directly to the Church Office at 1206 Lyttleton Street. The deadline for submission is the Sunday prior to YOUTH SUNDAY.
  9. The scholarships awarded will be announced in May at the Youth Sunday worship services.

Please click the link below to download the application form.