Giving / Stewardship

The Stewardship Committee is asking our Lyttleton Street family to prayerfully support the ministries and missions of the church by sharing in a significant way the gifts with which the Lord blesses us.  As a congregation, LSUMC has shown that we see giving to God as a “holy” act, not just a bottom line financial function.

When you give you are connected to God in a way He decides.  As faithful stewards, let’s pray that the Lord will again bless Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church to widen that holy connection we have with Him as a church family and disciples locally and throughout the world.

Giving is an act of worship and makes our ministry possible.

In addition to offerings given through the offering plate, there are other ways to give or make payments:


1. Online

Shelby Next Giving is our online system for one-time or recurring debit or credit card contributions and/or payments. Clicking on the appropriate link below will direct you to set up a secure profile account. Once you log in to your account, you will be prompted to set up your payment/s.  It is a secure and convenient way to make contributions or payments! For additional information please contact the church office (803) 432-3191.

2.  Text to Give:

Dial (803) 274-5588 to give your donation by Text Message from your mobile phone.

3.  Shelby Next Mobile App 

Download the Shelby Next Mobile App from the Google Play Store or the App Store and pay your tithes/offerings from your mobile device.


4.  QR Code Giving:

Scan the QR Code with your QR Code Scanning App on your phone to be directed to our online giving page.


5.  RMD (Required Minimum Distribution):

Older adults may be required to take a minimum distribution from an IRA or annuity each year.  This distribution can be directed to the church to pay your pledge.  Speak with your broker for more information.


6.  Mail:
All donations may be mailed to:

Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church, 1206 Lyttleton Street Camden, SC  29020


7. Endowment – Is God’s Will in Your Will?

Through the LSUMC Foundation endowment fund at Lyttleton Street UMC, you can make charitable contributions in a variety of ways:

Outright Gifts

  • cash
  • publicly traded securities
  • real property
  • tangible personal property
  • other property

Planned Gifts

  • will bequests
  • estates
  • insurance policies
  • income programs
  • retirement plan gifts

You don’t have to be wealthy to give. Gifts offer certain tax advantages to donors and may be made in honor or memory of friends or family.  Give a lasting gift that will sustain and grow Lyttleton Street UMC’s ministries.


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